Jan 21

Elsmere Fire Company 2013 Installation Dinner and Meeting

On January 7, 2013 the Elsmere Fire Company ( Station 16) held it’s annual Instalation dinner meeting. The incoming officer were installed by the D.VF.A Executive manager and Elsmere Fire Company Life Member Warren Jones along with former D.V.F.A President and Elsmere Fire Company Life Member William Walton Sr.

Fire Line Officer’s are: Chief George Giles, Deputy Chief Mike Wiktorowicz Sr., 1st Assistant Chief Mark Facciolo, 2nd Assistant Chief Rich Rodriquez, Engine Captain Justin Schweiger, Ladder Captain Gabe Bukowski, Rescue Captain John Buchanan III, Ambulance Captain Ray Lyons Jr.

Administration Officer’s are : President John Giles Sr., Vice President John Smith, Treasure Mike Schaal, Assistant Treasure William Thomas, Recording Secretary Robin Gray, Membership Secretary Doc Dougherty, Directors are Charles Buck Sayers, Jack Parisi,Ken Dunn and Ray Lyons Sr.






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Dec 02

New Castle County Fire Prevention Poster and Essay Contest Banquet.

On Sunday November 18, 2012 the New Castle County Fire Prevention Poster and Essay Awards Banquet was held at the Holloway Terrace FireCompany ( Station 20 ). The Elsmere Fire Company ( Staion 16 ) had 4 winners total. All winners were from the All Saints Catholic School in Elsmere. First place in kindergarten was Gianna Lacombe. First place in fourth grade was Madelyn Fontana. Third place in Fith grade was Cassity Wujcik. Second place in Eighth grade was Gabriella Barbieri. The Officers and Members would like to congratu

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Jan 10

Congratulations to our new and returning officers for 2012

On Monday January 2, 2012 the Elsmere Fire Company swore in our new fire line and administrative officers. Another great meal was provided by the Elsmere Fire Company Auxiliary.  Congratulations and good luck to you in 2012. Our officers and their positions are listed below. 

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Jun 26


Elsmere Fire Company returned to the root of its training program which had proved to be successful in the past.

Fire Company members returned for two days of training at the Dover Fire School. Working with the Fire School and Sr. Instructor Jay Reynolds, Chief George Giles said, “We are trying everything we can to get our members on track to meeting their yearly training requirements. The time our members have for training is becoming smaller and smaller with family and job commitments.”

The two days of training revolved around Incident Command/Management Procedures; Hi-Rise Fire Operations using Standpipe and Hi-Rise Pack Evolutions, Search/Rescue and Hi-Rise Ventilation Techniques were also practiced. Throwing ground ladders to the tower was required before lunch.

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Sep 22

In Service Training at Delaware State Fire School

On Wednesday September 22, 2010, crews from Elsmere attended an in service training at the Delaware State Fire School New Castle site. Training topics covered included fire suppression, hose handling, and search and rescue. The class had to be cut short due to a heavy rain storm. A great job was done by all who attended.

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